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Weekend Wrap Up

Weekend Wrap Up

Well, Monday is upon us once again... during my packed weekend,  I managed to check a few must-dos off my list!

First thing Saturday morning, we hit the farmer's market for a quick trip. I love that we have access to the Mill City Farmer's Market through the winter, as it's held in the museum - it's still just as packed with people, which is really awesome to see. Most notably, sold by a sample, we picked up some "Big Chet" - spicy fennel and garlic salami made by Red Table Meat Co. - they are out of Northeast Minneapolis, yum!


Finer Meat Co.

Finally got to this local Minneapolis butcher, Finer Meat Co. on Nicollet Ave. As expected, it's tiny and has a locally- owned small town feel - I love getting this vibe in the heart of the city! This is the first place I've found that carries beef bacon in Minneapolis, and yes it is delicious! Fair prices, friendly folks and conveniently located off Nicollet in the cool Kingfield neighborhood.



Nighthawks Diner + Bar

After grabbing a few things at Finer Meat, we swung over to Nighthawks for their talked-about burger. Brought to you by the owner of HauteDish, this place is so fun! Imagine a towny sports bar meets fancy diner. The bar is lined with mirrored shelves, two tvs broadcasting games and a stuffed pheasant sits atop it all. I loved the open kitchen on the opposite side - it's got a real low key vibe and some nods to old timey diners, but modernized. The burger, in all it's greasy glory was true to the reviews; simple burger, cheese, fried onions, pickles. I opted to make mine a patty melt, equally as delicious. We also got spoiled with a classic vanilla malt - how nostalgic. I got a kick out of their creative menu - the hot dog selection, pastrami sandwiches, pancakes served all the time! I think you might find us watching one of the next vikings or wild games here... 


Hell's Kitchen Bloody Mary Bar

Sunday Funday lead us to try out the highly anticipated Hell's Kitchen Bloody Bar. It's over the top ridiculous - an entire hallway dedicated to their endless hot sauces and fixings. I was a little too generous with the bloody mix and mine overflowed quickly with the amount of garnishes, but it was probably for the best... this thing could be a meal on it's own. Chicken wings? Are you kidding me?! The highlight of my meal was the Bison Maple Sausage - good work Hell's Kitchen. All in all, this won't be a regular visit for me, the bloody bar was a bit overwhelming with the massive amount of choices but props to these guys for pulling it off, people seem to love it! Oh, and every guilt-filled bite of that sweet homemade peanut butter... worth it. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the Vikings game... Happy Monday!

#SmallBusinessCity (Shop Small Business Saturday)

#SmallBusinessCity (Shop Small Business Saturday)

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