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2017 Recap & Looking Ahead to 2018

2017 Recap & Looking Ahead to 2018

2017 was a heck of a year! Looking back and really reflecting on what the year consisted of is humbling; we were busier than ever, packed in so many fun times and experienced some unforgettable moments in our life - even some events that will soon forever change our lives! Let's take one look back and one ahead to what this new year has to offer.

January 2017: Winter Getaway to GVL

Started the year off right with a ladies weekend getaway to Grand View Lodge (our hometown). We had a fun-filled weekend full of wine, great food, snowshoeing and girl talk. 


February 2017: Exuma, Bahamas

We were fortunate enough to be able to take one last vaca to the Caribbean for a while - The Exumas. This sleepy, stunning island was such an amazing experience - we ate, drank, sunbathed on the whitest beaches, jeep toured, swam with pigs and sharks! Read more on our trip here.

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April 2017: Let the Renovation Begin!

We had been house hunting for a mid century gem for a few months and finally found the one in January of 2017. We closed on it in April and started construction or a pretty major renovation project in May. Taking on all the design of the project and many hands on nights at the house, we moved into our finished project in October. Well, who am I kidding... there is no end to this project. Stay tuned for the final reveal post, still coming!

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June 2017: Madeline Island

Two ladies trips in one year is pretty stellar... We tackled the beautiful Madeline Island in June in full tourist style; view from the water, hiking galore, lots of indulging and the most fun dive bar we've ever been to. More on our Costal Midwestern trip here.


June 2017: We're Pregnant!

We found out in June the miraculous news that we were expecting our first baby! Sure was hard to hide this news until we announced in August to the public. The last 6 months of pregnancy have absolutely flown by and I wish I could slow down time. Baby Maher is due in March of '18 and we cannot wait; life is about to change in a big, sweet way!


Friendly Celebrations

I celebrated the weddings of dear friends and family, and the pregnancies of many more - not to mention helped welcome a few friends new babes to this world. 

October 2017: Grand Marais

We took our annual North Shore trip in October as a sib trip; this year we explored and stayed in the beautiful Grand Marais! We snagged a cozy Lake Superior Air BNB cabin minutes from downtown, did some awesome hiking up the Gunflint, visited MN's tallest waterfall, toured Grand Portage and of course visited some favorite food and beverage spots downtown.

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December 2017: Canada Cabin Weekend

We planned a last minute getaway with some close friends to Nestor Falls, Canada for a cozy cabin weekend. We fished, snowmobiled and took in the beautiful scenery - OH Canada. We will be back as soon as we are able! 

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Looking ahead at 2018:

2018 is already set up for lots of change; full of new goals, challenges and such exciting life experiences.

Becoming parents

In just a few short months we will be expecting our first baby. The last 6 months of preparing for baby have flown by and it has already been a miraculous experience. Our number one focus and goal for this new year is to be the best parents we can be to this new little one. We're ready to jump into this crazy journey together that will forever change our lives! The amount of love we have for you already is immeasurable baby, can't wait to meet you in March and be the best we can be for you.

Financial goals:

Save, save, save. Sounds cliche but as each year passes by, I hate those student loans even more and finding even the smallest ways to change our spending lifestyle can change the big picture in the long run. We've got a college fund to save for!!

Work goals:

I consider myself a huge multitaskter... this year will bring on new challenges in my personal life that will lead into my work life and with all the extra workload, challenge and need to stretch myself a bit thinner, I want to stay focused on DOING ONE THING AT A TIME; taking a breath and tackling each task individually, I will conquer more and feel much more accomplished.

I want to strive to build up my personal brand as well - evolving my brand with my evolving lifestyle and expanding on that passion.

Health and fitness goals:

OF course, it wouldn't be a new year without a health and fitness resolution... in all seriousness, life is about to throw an extra distraction at us. I've worked hard the past 6 months to get in a fitness and health routine for pregnancy, I want to make sure I continue that or find my groove in fitness and health goals after babe too!

Cheers to 2018 - best year yet!

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